GoNoodle Loving!

GoNoodle.com + 18 Kindergarten students = a match made in heaven! My students and I cannot get enough of GoNoodle! This website allows my kids to take a mental break from academics and get their brains and bodies moving! I have been using the brain breaks from this site since the first day of school. My class has already maxed out eight champs! We have also participated in over 1000 minutes! I use GoNoodle not only for brain breaks, but also for my transitions. My Kinders tend to get a little restless at times, so as I am prepping for our next activity, they are actively engaged with and exciting video. This helps to control any behavior issues that may occur. There's a bunch of channels to choose from, whether you want to pump your kids up or calm them down! My kids LOVE KooKoo Kangaroo, Zumba Kids, and Moosetube! If you haven't already, check out GoNoodle.com! You won't regret it!

Check out my Munchkins moving and grooving to my current favorite video, My Racing Heart!

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